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23/01/2020 - 15:49

(705) 711 0871 has been reported by 174.117.2.###

comment avatar of 174.117.2.### 174.117.2.### 23/01/2020 - 15:49
This is a scam! When I answered the phone, it was an automated message stating they are calling from the Legal Department from Service Canada and they are going to put me in jail. This is a scam; you will NEVER get an automated message from Service Canada or any Canadian Government Department or Agency. Employee's from Service Canada or any Canadian Government Department or Agency will call themselves, and will leave a message. Please remember no Canadian Government Department or Agency will NOT threaten to put you in jail!

514-659-6939 has been reported by 184.144.***.89

comment avatar of 184.144.***.89 184.144.***.89 26/03/2021
I’m the owner of this number

882-453-4374 has been reported by 157.38.**.252

comment avatar of 157.38.**.252 157.38.**.252 11/03/2021

561-223-6221 has been reported by 173.49.**.34

comment avatar of 173.49.**.34 173.49.**.34 04/02/2021
Calling our company.. will NOT say what company he is from. Just wants to speak with owner. STOP... if you can't tell us what company you are with and why you are calling, we will not do business with you at all.

514-634-2146 has been reported by 24.48.**.181

comment avatar of 24.48.**.181 24.48.**.181 05/01/2021
Missing call

984-213-5128 has been reported by 100.12.***.99

comment avatar of 100.12.***.99 100.12.***.99 05/01/2021
These unscrupulous and annoying individuals continue to try to get through to my phone. It is ONLY annoying and does NOT lead to a lead - so it makes me wonder... what's up with them? I guess they think I'll eventually cave in and let them cheat me? They'll catch me in a moment of weakness? Or is there something more sinister afoot? Are they just trying to drive me crazy with their non-stop spam calling? :D

984-701-6401 has been reported by 27.34.**.62

comment avatar of 27.34.**.62 27.34.**.62 03/01/2021
Giveving to mani

438-815-6363 has been reported by 209.226.***.116

comment avatar of 209.226.***.116 209.226.***.116 29/12/2020
The company Iristel inc lets the scammer open an account with them to scam people within the area that they want to scam. Be careful 438-815-6363

438-863-8894 has been reported by 96.125.***.26

comment avatar of 96.125.***.26 96.125.***.26 15/12/2020
The owner of this number is calling a lot of time on my parent’s phone. Please I want they stop to disturbe them

951-466-8307 has been reported by 47.154.***.232

comment avatar of 47.154.***.232 47.154.***.232 13/12/2020
She is julienne Genevieve celestino she is a mental nut case a narcissist drug addict hooker compulsive lying cheater first of she will play the victim card and lie about stuff that had never happened to her to get you to feel sorry for her to get you on her side she free loads never pays for anything and she loves to talk to highly of herself she very self centered she also has multiple boyfriends at one time so if you think your her trust me your not she’s every man hooker girlfriend I say hooker because she will sleep with any man the does or has her drug of choice she will also steal from you and deny it and lie to your face she will use you and take everything from you until you have noting left to give her than just ghost you like you were noting she is a piece of trash that doesn’t deserve anything don’t trust her

888-516-6184 has been reported by 98.228.*.90

comment avatar of 98.228.*.90 98.228.*.90 09/12/2020
This is a SCAM call. They were calling saying my electric service would be disconnected in 30 minutes if I didn't pay the minimum due now. First they called my business cell, not tied to my home and second I don't have IMP for electric services. What concerns me is they had my home address!! When I said I don't have IMP for electric, he hung up on me. I called back and he was very rude and hung up again. I called a 3rd time and the phone service was "no longer in service" BEWARE!! I called IMP to report it and they are calling their customers!!! BEWARE!!!

800-043-0207 has been reported by 49.230.**.211

comment avatar of 49.230.**.211 49.230.**.211 07/12/2020

814-310-7359 has been reported by 50.199.***.26

comment avatar of 50.199.***.26 50.199.***.26 27/11/2020
Phone number used to make scam phone calls.

814-617-0342 has been reported by 50.199.***.26

comment avatar of 50.199.***.26 50.199.***.26 27/11/2020
Phone scam from this number

888-857-2752 has been reported by 76.174.***.62

comment avatar of 76.174.***.62 76.174.***.62 25/11/2020

602-541-9929 has been reported by 97.124.***.73

comment avatar of 97.124.***.73 97.124.***.73 19/11/2020
Ron is a repairman who works for Amcor Properties. He says creepy things to woman and uses his gross demeanor and large grotesque body to try and physically intimidate women in their homes.

514-647-6248 has been reported by 146.236.***.11

comment avatar of 146.236.***.11 146.236.***.11 18/11/2020
Automatic answer, when call back she dinied calling

844-777-5997 has been reported by 47.145.***.113

comment avatar of 47.145.***.113 47.145.***.113 13/11/2020
Won’t let me cancel plan, change my debit card number since they were going round and round to cancel it, got a bill in the mail

310-363-6312 has been reported by 47.156.***.140

comment avatar of 47.156.***.140 47.156.***.140 12/11/2020
Comes across first BBC as V11209162300 then local no.

239-323-0412 has been reported by 65.78.**.63

comment avatar of 65.78.**.63 65.78.**.63 20/10/2020
They have used 17 different numbers so far to call me. Each time I block it they come up with a new number

386-438-0056 has been reported by 108.31.***.20

comment avatar of 108.31.***.20 108.31.***.20 18/10/2020
Spam messages being sent to multiple phone numbers at once in a group message.

888-276-0817 has been reported by 47.183.***.162

comment avatar of 47.183.***.162 47.183.***.162 13/10/2020
Presume it's a scam. Called 3 times in a minute or 2. No message left. Legitimate businesses would leave a number for a call back it they had business with you. So sick of the scammers and spammers. I would have this phone disconnected, but it's on a package with other services and impossible to remove.

647-760-8948 has been reported by 68.67.**.122

comment avatar of 68.67.**.122 68.67.**.122 30/09/2020
this girl is so crazyyyy

887-425-6182 has been reported by 182.77.**.153

comment avatar of 182.77.**.153 182.77.**.153 26/09/2020
Please find sim card owner name and loketion

888-292-4224 has been reported by 108.36.***.59

comment avatar of 108.36.***.59 108.36.***.59 16/09/2020
Fake number

888-870-1336 has been reported by 24.253.***.171

comment avatar of 24.253.***.171 24.253.***.171 13/09/2020
Unsolicited Spam Text

819-209-6514 has been reported by 50.100.***.216

comment avatar of 50.100.***.216 50.100.***.216 10/09/2020
She is a hacker

929-474-3490 has been reported by 141.149.**.142

comment avatar of 141.149.**.142 141.149.**.142 04/09/2020
Sex Traffic---Sex Transdgender929-402-4858

864-692-2502 has been reported by 106.203.***.46

comment avatar of 106.203.***.46 106.203.***.46 01/09/2020
Sku 122 speaker return

888-599-9092 has been reported by 75.162.**.9

comment avatar of 75.162.**.9 75.162.**.9 26/08/2020
Called 20 times one right after the other. Talk about harassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

647-760-8948 has been reported by 68.67.**.122

comment avatar of 68.67.**.122 68.67.**.122 18/08/2020
this girls is crazzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy voodooooooo girl to keep a man
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