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23/01/2020 - 15:49

(705) 711 0871 has been reported by 174.117.2.###

comment avatar of 174.117.2.### 174.117.2.### 23/01/2020 - 15:49
This is a scam! When I answered the phone, it was an automated message stating they are calling from the Legal Department from Service Canada and they are going to put me in jail. This is a scam; you will NEVER get an automated message from Service Canada or any Canadian Government Department or Agency. Employee's from Service Canada or any Canadian Government Department or Agency will call themselves, and will leave a message. Please remember no Canadian Government Department or Agency will NOT threaten to put you in jail!

888-292-4224 has been reported by 108.36.***.59

comment avatar of 108.36.***.59 108.36.***.59 16/09/2020
Fake number

888-870-1336 has been reported by 24.253.***.171

comment avatar of 24.253.***.171 24.253.***.171 13/09/2020
Unsolicited Spam Text

819-209-6514 has been reported by 50.100.***.216

comment avatar of 50.100.***.216 50.100.***.216 10/09/2020
She is a hacker

929-474-3490 has been reported by 141.149.**.142

comment avatar of 141.149.**.142 141.149.**.142 04/09/2020
Sex Traffic---Sex Transdgender929-402-4858

864-692-2502 has been reported by 106.203.***.46

comment avatar of 106.203.***.46 106.203.***.46 01/09/2020
Sku 122 speaker return

888-599-9092 has been reported by 75.162.**.9

comment avatar of 75.162.**.9 75.162.**.9 26/08/2020
Called 20 times one right after the other. Talk about harassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

647-760-8948 has been reported by 68.67.**.122

comment avatar of 68.67.**.122 68.67.**.122 18/08/2020
this girls is crazzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy voodooooooo girl to keep a man

987-013-3197 has been reported by 103.110.**.188

comment avatar of 103.110.**.188 103.110.**.188 17/08/2020
An unprofessional person called me for credit card and didn't wished to hear me at all instead responded loudly and inappropriately then hung up the call. Also tried to know about her by calling her back but she blocked my phone number.

571-200-1497 has been reported by 108.18.***.238

comment avatar of 108.18.***.238 108.18.***.238 11/08/2020
Stop calling

919-457-3112 has been reported by 24.148.***.129

comment avatar of 24.148.***.129 24.148.***.129 07/08/2020
This is a scam phone call.

866-238-1145 has been reported by 66.128.***.51

comment avatar of 66.128.***.51 66.128.***.51 07/08/2020
probably a phishing scam about ssn admin filing criminal actions. Like they would do that via an automated call. stupid crooks.

800-373-9759 has been reported by 182.64.**.114

comment avatar of 182.64.**.114 182.64.**.114 05/08/2020
tracing this no. loan frowd case

647-760-8948 has been reported by 68.67.**.122

comment avatar of 68.67.**.122 68.67.**.122 03/08/2020
this girl is annoying

662-459-7689 has been reported by 74.194.**.137

comment avatar of 74.194.**.137 74.194.**.137 20/07/2020
This number call claiming to be the social security office, claiming that my social security number was use in TX

401-259-3739 has been reported by 74.194.***.189

comment avatar of 74.194.***.189 74.194.***.189 13/07/2020
Send my social security number has been breached and to contact them immediately I've got this recording several times

514-660-8851 has been reported by 185.92.**.190

comment avatar of 185.92.**.190 185.92.**.190 03/07/2020
Scam call for social alert.

678-701-6580 has been reported by 24.88.***.132

comment avatar of 24.88.***.132 24.88.***.132 19/06/2020
Left message: "Due to fraud and money laundering case please call back at the same number before we activate your arrest warrant." Since they do not identify themselves, the number to call back to (other than call back the number that called you) and the fact I'm not involved in money laundering this is clearly a fraud.

700-158-8632 has been reported by 157.43.***.107

comment avatar of 157.43.***.107 157.43.***.107 18/06/2020
Sexual harassment

416-522-7552 has been reported by 75.98.***.21

comment avatar of 75.98.***.21 75.98.***.21 15/06/2020
criminal claiming they are VISA block and report them

866-970-0346 has been reported by 75.167.***.34

comment avatar of 75.167.***.34 75.167.***.34 11/06/2020
Calling regarding fake Apple problem

800-357-8513 has been reported by 166.182.**.250

comment avatar of 166.182.**.250 166.182.**.250 09/06/2020
Just another non-sense caller just trying to sell some-thing.....

856-000-1676 has been reported by 164.100.***.28

comment avatar of 164.100.***.28 164.100.***.28 09/06/2020
NICE 123456749

438-863-2541 has been reported by 108.161.***.79

comment avatar of 108.161.***.79 108.161.***.79 05/06/2020
Harmful message

700-238-2541 has been reported by 157.40.***.35

comment avatar of 157.40.***.35 157.40.***.35 29/05/2020
Who is the registered owner of the above Mobile no.7002382541

971-734-7975 has been reported by 103.196.***.255

comment avatar of 103.196.***.255 103.196.***.255 24/05/2020
they call agauin and again and abuse

971-734-7975 has been reported by 103.196.***.255

comment avatar of 103.196.***.255 103.196.***.255 24/05/2020
they call and disturb again and again

888-859-8359 has been reported by 104.0.***.73

comment avatar of 104.0.***.73 104.0.***.73 17/05/2020
$89.65 charge to my credit card. I called number to see what the charge was for, as i do not remember making a charge in this amount. I was put on hold for approx. 6 minutes, then disconnected. I called 5 times, the same thing happened each time. I will tell my credit card to NOT pay this! I believe it's some sort of scam.

888-280-0098 has been reported by 184.89.***.189

comment avatar of 184.89.***.189 184.89.***.189 03/05/2020
Someone from this number tried to charge $89.99 to my bank card. This is a fraud, and thank goodness my bank caught it. They sent me a text saying the phone number appeared to be from a known fraud. Check your bank & credit cards and if you see the number above, make sure you check with your bank to see if it is a legit charge. Mine was not and the bank stopped it.

562-501-3226 has been reported by 47.39.**.211

comment avatar of 47.39.**.211 47.39.**.211 01/05/2020
Definitely Spam call. I had several calls within a minute. Luckily I have it as a blocked call

866-724-4722 has been reported by 72.215.***.120

comment avatar of 72.215.***.120 72.215.***.120 29/04/2020
Some idiot thought he would clown me by saying my electric bill payments hadn't gone thru. Lies. I called him out on it and he hung up on me. He spoke Spanish, which I do speak. I spoke in Spanish first and then English. I proceeded to call back after the hang up and was actually placed on hold, like a legit company. He was the one who picked up and again told me he was from National Grid. I told him he was a liar and hung up on me again. Beware of scammers.
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